Telemetric System of Intermediate Pumping Stations Control (STSP)

Telemetric System of Intermediate Pumping Stations Control (STSP) is designed for remote monitoring and controlling of unmanned intermediate pumping stations working on main lines in Łódź heating system, from central dispatching room. The intermediate pumping stations are located in the range of 4-6 km from the central dispatching room. Their task is to maintain proper pressure distribution in previously chosen points of the heating net. The task is fulfilled by adaptive control of efficiency and selection of the number of working pumps. Basic system functions are as follows:

  • automatic pumping station start,
  • automatic planned and emergency pumping station shutdown,
  • automatic pressure control - selection of the number and efficiency of pumps,
  • automatic and planned turning on of backup main supply,
  • protection of buildings against burglary or fire,
  • leakage detection in sets of pump units and monitoring of building flooding,
  • fittings control for main line protection in case of any pumping station emergency shutdown,
  • emergency shutdown of pump units in case of increased vibrations or temperature,
  • providing of redundant radio-communication with the central dispatching room,
  • ensuring of an alternative remote control,
  • local and distant monitoring of pumping station work (of hydraulic and electric systems),
  • recording of all-important occurrences and changes of selected work parameters.

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