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The Large-Format Visualization System

The System is intended for the service of a wall display, which shows information from selected industrial networks, GIS system and control system of main pumping stations.

The System was built basing on the solutions, which ensure:

  • separation and operational safety of selected industrial networks (Virtual LAN technology),
  • optimal capacity of the local network (LAN),
  • possibility of visualization development by successive stations.

For safety reasons, the possibility of industrial networks connection was excluded. The visualization server SW is connected to the technological network ST by means of a switch (VLAN technology).This type of connection enables SW to receive information from both networks. The figure below shows the structure of the visualization system:

Structural elements

  • GIS (GIS1, GIS2) - work stations designed for GIS system operation,
  • SOC (SOC1, SOC2) - stations for the operation of the telemetric system of pumping stations control,
  • Router - it enables data receiving from general network by SW,
  • Zr1, Zr2 sources - stations for watching the sources (EC2, EC3, EC4),
  • Switch - it administers system network connections.

The main task of large-format visualization is to transmit maximum data by minimal network load. The wall display consists of four 67" modules which give a 273 x 205 cm picture with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

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