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CAS has completed the concept entitled: “Establishing of optimal directions, methods, technology, range and development rate of telemetric and remote control systems for Warsaw heating system components “

The concept contains two documentations, i.e. “An audit of telemetric and remote control systems in SPEC S.A." that includes among others:


  • description of existing telemetric and remote control systems of SPEC S.A. facilities;
  • analysis of possibilities of existing telemetric and remote control systems extension;
  • analysis of possibilities of using and extension of the telecommunication and teleinformation infrastructure of SPEC S.A. for the needs of telemetric and remote control systems;
  • analysis of possibilities of extension of the Control Room at the Employer's Maintenance Department as a monitoring and control central point;
  • analysis of technical aspects and possibilities of using individual communication technologies (radio, PSTN, ISDN, GSM, GPRS, WiFi, WLAN, optical fiber technologies, CTV, Internet, satellite communication).


The other documentation entitled "Development strategy and directions for the construction of telemetric and remote control systems of SPEC S.A.” includes among others:

  • development goals of telemetric and remote control systems in Warsaw heating system with a preliminary economic analysis of their utilization;
  • analysis of possibilities of utilizing the existing systems for the construction of an integrated supervision system of telemetry and remote control;
  • strategic assumptions for the construction of the integrated system;
  • development directions of the integrated control system, in particular:
    • adaptation of the facilities of the Control Room at the Employer's Maintenance Department to the requirements of the heating system control and supervision;
    • modernization of the communication infrastructure (computer and process networks) with remote access to selected ex-ternal services;
    • remote monitoring and control of network pumping stations with an analysis of the possibility of and demand for an un-manned control system of the pumping stations to be operated automatically and supervised from the Control Room of the Maintenance Department;
    • remote control of heating facilities including control of supply areas and dynamic control of load distribution among the sources by means of automatic operation control within a common network;
    • large–format visualization and integration of telemetric and remote control systems with management systems of the heating network and company resources, i.e. GIS, CRM and ERP;
    • qualitative and quantitative analysis of the possibility for setting parameters of the heating network operation basing on the master optimization system that uses a system of thermal energy demand prediction;
    • application for data archiving, integration and reporting systems.
  • prerequisites for the realization of individual systems with an analysis of possible dividing into stages and proposed schedule of implementation.


Stołeczne Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej S.A. in Warsaw, the Employer, received documentation that can be a basis for determination of technical guidelines on the Specifications of Significant Order Conditions for the implementation of individual automation systems in order to improve the quality of services provided to the customers.


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