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Smart Factory

Smart Factory - Workflow management system-is a group of CAS applications that support automation of business processes, through their precise definition and control of the flow of information and synchronization of the internal and external participants’ activities.

CAS Smart Factory applications support group work in the field of:

  • Logistics- inbound/outbound management (Shepherd),
  • Inward Process Relief (IPR),
  • Customs Warehouse (CW),
  • Agile Project Management (Agile Workload Tracker).

Collaboration is a core to improve processes in any organization. It requires information sharing as well as following precisely defined procedures. Both information and behavioral models must be consistent and fulfill business requirements leading to improvements of process performance measured using Key Performance Indicators in critical areas. To be useful for daily process management these indicators must be observable. To engage adoptive information models, control workflows and use Business Intelligence to measure the process performance our applications are deployed on the Microsoft SharePoint as a human-centric foundation using Web Applications to publish and share the content.

Smart Factory applications


Shepherd - Logistics inbound/outbound management

Shepherd is designed to simplify inbound/outbound management in the factory to gain maximum benefits. The main idea for inbound is to allow all vendors to book deliveries by themselves and for outbound to allow the Export Department to book shipments by themselves. Forwarders and security escort providers may see online information about planned shipments and provide truck and escort information by themselves (all the information is available to execute shipments on time and in a safe way). For the global environment it is important that multilingual support is provided.




IPR - Inward Process Relief

IPR provides relief to promote exports from the EC and assist Community processors to compete on an equal footing in the world market. It allows businesses to avoid or recover duty on imported raw materials and processed goods. Duty is relieved on imports of non-EC goods, which are processed in the Community and re-exported.

Given the nature of the product processing, it is often difficult to accurately calculate the amount of imported raw materials re-exported in the form of finished products (i.e. goods compensation), especially when there are many finished products, and not all of them can be exported.



Agile Workload Tracker

AWT - Agile Workload Tracker

AWT supports the agile management and workload tracking to improve performance of project team planning, developing and launching new products. The AWT application simplifies planning and reporting while using Scrum principles by managing your backlog, planning sprints and optimizing process flow.

The implemented reports show the details of current workload of resolved tasks, workload for a specific sprint (milestone) and projects - showing the unresolved issues and remaining workload.


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